Monday, April 23, 2007

Media: Postive Media

I have had more comments about people who choose certain media for their positive effects, in particular intellectual stimulation. One person chooses specific NPR shows and another uses podcasts to select only what she wants to hear. Ron and I watch almost exclusively PBS in our house. What I like about PBS is I am able to choose shows that have a positive message, I am intellectually stimulated and I know that I can count on the "commercials" being violence free.

But I do stand by my previous entry in which I mentioned that all media affects us. One of my favorite television show is Nature on PBS. While it is a truly educational show, I am still affected by it. I know I am. I become attached to the animals they are showing and am distressed when something happens to them (which frequently does in the wild.) But I want to know more, I want to learn more about the wild. I am fascinated with wild life and want my children to learn more as well so it is something I choose to watch.

This thought leads me to my final thought on media. I am not espousing not participating in any type of media. We live in an inter-connected world and we need to live in that world. I am saying we need to pick and choose and be aware of what we are exposing ourselves to and its affect on us. Everything affects you some how in some way. It touches your heart by either adding to it or taking away from it. Just be more conscious. Know this area is a relatively easy one to shift when you need to tip the scales more decidedly to the positive in your life. (Say, for example, when your challenging relative comes to visit or you have a performance review with your boss.) When I discuss media with people, I find many become defensive, supporting their news show or CSI telling me, convincing me, that they are enjoyable and add to their life. I am not telling you to stop watching. I still read my mystery novels. I also know there are times when a mystery novel is not what I need.