Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Media: Fasting

Something I (Laura) noticed on each call was that those who actually did some level of media fast each had a new awareness around how much the media was affecting them. Those who didn't do the fast felt that the media wasn't affecting them (or at least not as much.)
For those of you who have never done any kind of fast (media, food, etc.), I highly recommend them. Fasting is taking a break for a specified amount of time from something. We then allow our bodies, minds, or spirits to heal from the affects of that substance. Fasts are extraordinarily helpful in making us more sensitive to subtleties we did not notice. If you listen to the news every day, you are accustomed to how the news leads you to feel and therefore it feels “normal”. I was accustomed to how dairy made me feel since I ate it every day of my life until I was 35 years old. Interestingly, when I couldn’t eat dairy because Zack reacted to it, I did feel better, but I didn’t really notice I felt better until I ate dairy again and felt the same icky feeling. The feeling felt so familiar! It was then I realized the true effect dairy had on my body and how lousy I had felt for so many years – and that was more “normal”. I had no idea how wonderful I could feel! Fasts help you feel the good you didn’t even know you could feel.
If you haven't tried the media fast, do so now and let me know what happens for you.