Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fear/Needs: The Power of Taking Care of Yourself

This week I want to share a wonderful story from one of the teleclasses from this month. I had one teleclass participant say she committed to doing just 20 minutes of exercise 3 times each week for the month in an effort to meet her needs. Two amazing outcomes occurred from this commitment.

The first was the ease at which she continued with her commitment. She had previously attempted to commit to exercise only to stop. This time felt different. Knowing she was doing it for herself, in order to meet her needs and reduce her negativity, she found herself not only easily committed to it, but she was doing it everyday.

The second amazing outcome came from helping herself. She had a phone call with her parents (the relationship with her parents being her Focus Area for the year). She was actually amused to realize that the comments that used to set her down the path of frustration and anger did not bother her anymore. In that moment she "got" how being in a positive state of mind allowed her to rise above the negativity her parents sent her way. She then “got” how taking care of her needs but her in a positive state of mind.