Monday, March 12, 2007

Needs: Communication of Needs:

Have you begun to make the connection (pardon the pun) between connecting with yourself and others to feel compassion? In order to be in our natural state of compassion we need to be connected to our Higher Self and to the person with whom we are speaking, even if we don’t agree with him/her. Frankly, the connection is just what we are working on in this program. When we are truly connected, we make good choices for ourselves, ones that tip the scale to the positive. Our unfulfilled needs can and do get in the way of this connection. They are negative “noise” when they are not being met.

This wonderful and insightful thought came from someone on last year’s Teleclass: “If we don’t communicate our needs, we can’t connect with others.” I would also say that not communicating our needs also keeps us from connecting more deeply to ourselves. If we keep our needs from those who need to hear it, the unanswered need is something that breaks the connection between yourself and the other person. Can you feel it in yourself? The other person may very well sense the disconnection too and has not idea what the issue is. Then, with that broken connection you are further removed from your compassionate state.

Communicating your needs to others is essential in your quest for a compassionate state. There is a caveat. Your needs are not to be shared like a righteous challenge. Remember, most of the time others are not fulfilling your need not to punish you but because they do not have the same need and are unaware of its necessity to you. Find your most compassionate state and then, from that loving place, share your need with others.