Monday, January 08, 2007

Love: Accepting Love

One of the main ways of expanding our capacity to love (and perhaps the only way) is to give love; to help others. Although we all “know” this in our heads, have you thought about one of its corollaries? Are you someone who has a hard time accepting help from others?

I had an interesting email from one of YLC participants. She told me how she clearly experiences love when she is helping others. She mentioned all sorts of ways she gains enjoyment from helping her friends and family and it is something she has always known about herself. She also knew that she has a hard time accepting help from others. There is something in her that keeps her from asking, and receiving assistance.

Her learning point for the month was realizing the effect of not accepting help on others. She is, in effect, robbing others of having an opportunity to expand their capacity to love. Interesting thought, isn’t it? When you think about it in these terms, perhaps it will be easier for you to accept help.