Friday, January 19, 2007

Fear or Love?

We are reading the Magic Tree House series of books to our children. They are wonderful fantasy books with lovely lessons in them. In the latest one, Merlin the Magician tells them on their next mission to “be sure to answer the question from love not fear.” They then face a frightening sea serpent who asks them a question. The question has two answers to it the one that comes from fear is their first inclination, especially with the scariness in front of them. But then they remember Merlin’s advice and come from love. Interestingly, the serpent turns out to be a friend, someone who was scary just to protect himself.

I loved that lesson and have been thinking about it ever since. I have found it quite interesting how often a quick response to something (almost anything) can come from fear rather than love. When I am aware enough to notice it, I stop myself and shift to love. The response is much different from a place of love. I have also noticed how much I change what I am seeing in front of me when I am coming from a place of love. Suddenly it isn’t so big and definitely not as scary. My heart opens to compassion.