Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love: So simple

I would like to continue on my thought from last week, being able to accept love. Being able to accept love gives others an opportunity to give and increase their love. Of course, receiving the benefits of giving love isn’t contingent upon others accepting your gift. It is much more satisfying, though, to give when the gift is received well.

So, here is my thought. This example is so simple it is almost silly, but it represents the idea so eloquently. How does it feel to you when you thank someone and they respond, “ah forget it. It was nothing.” Compared to someone who looks you in the eye and sends you a heart-felt, “you’re welcome?”

I was at the library the other day and someone held the door open for me. Because of this Module, I have been very aware of my thank yous. I sent the person a heart-felt, “thank you” instead of the usual “thank you” that is more rote than from the heart. I actually caught the man off guard. He stopped and looked at me and sent me the warmest, “you’re welcome.” I knew in that moment that we had made a soul connection. It was powerful. I felt myself uplifted for hours afterward and I am sure he did too. So simple.

How do you receive “thank yous”? How do you send “thank yous”? Here is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others in love.