Sunday, August 10, 2008

Final Thoughts on Judgment

What an interesting month for me. I am constantly amazed at how each year I seem to go more and more deeply into these topics. There is so much to learn! This year I learned that when I gave love to the person I was judging, my judgments released. Hmmm...sounds simple when I write it here and yet it was so powerful for me. The person was my husband and the release was so profound it has changed our relationship. Unknowingly (I have since learned), it shifted something in our relationship that has bothered him for years and has opened us up to a new place of being on the eve of our 10th anniversary.

On the teleclass I also learned much from others. One person realized that her judgments uncovered her much about her beliefs, fears and insecurities. She also realized a single judgment could lead her down a well-worn judgment path. She used the month to learn how to redirect the negative path. (She realized it was much harder to redirect her judgments when she wasn’t meeting her own basic needs.) Another participant discussed being "compassionately vague" when those she cared about were gossiping and she didn't want to be involved or make them feel wrong for what they were doing.

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