Monday, October 06, 2008

Final Thoughts: Words

What a fascinating month for me. As I mentioned on the other blog, discovering I was still saying “no” and “don’t” to my children more than I wanted to was quite illuminating. Actually, it was more like a shock. I also became acutely aware of the soul-shrinking power those words have both on my children and upon hearing them out in the world. Now I know those words are necessary at times, especially when safety is concerned. It is just that somewhere along the line, some of us began to overuse them when it isn’t even necessary. Do you ever say no only to change your mind later? If you had stopped to think about it in the first place, you might not have said no at first. Do you find yourself following the party line at work and saying no just because that is what you have been told? I am curious if it was kids that took me over the line or if I always used the words too much and it was my desire to be a more loving and compassionate mom that brought my consciousness to it. The good news is, I am on the road to positivity!

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