Friday, December 08, 2006

Practice: What Does Being “Connected” Feel Like?

This question sparked some thoughtful comments. One person wasn’t sure she had ever felt connected so we first stepped back and discussed what being “connected” meant. Most people agreed that it meant having a direct link to our deeper self, an awareness of harmony in the world, knowing God is there and listening. I think there is great latitude to the definition, though. What does it mean to you?

Then we discussed what it feels like to be connected and there were a variety of answers. We all agreed that when we feel this link to our deeper self, judgment and negativity fall away. There is a deep peace and an inner knowing that everything is as it should be, even if everything isn’t what we think we desire. We also feel connected to all of those around us so compassion is easily accessed. One person described the feeling as “light and free”.

The interesting aspect of the discussion was how we all agreed overwhelmingly that we find life easier and more joyful when we are in the connected place. Yet our practice, the things that keep us connected, was the first to be dropped away when life became hectic. What can you do this week to keep yourself connected?