Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Final Thoughts: People

I am finding this month’s topic more than any other during the year always has much to teach me. There are so many facets to how people affect our compassionate state. When I first wrote the Module three years ago, my focus was on how others can affect us if we aren’t solid in our positive space. I also discussed how we leave residuals with other people as well and we want to be conscious of what we are sending out that might affect others. Along the way we have discussed how various groups of people are more challenging to remain conscious around. In general, the more history we have with people, the more difficult it is to maintain a new consciousness. We have discussed how we can prevent people from maintaining their new consciousness merely by assuming they are going to react and act the same way as they always do. We can do the same to ourselves. On our last call this month, we also discussed how we all really take on rolls whenever we are interacting with others, and truly not our authentic self. Finding people with whom you can be your most authentic self will help you access your compassionate state. Phew! That is quite a bit around People. I can only imagine what next year will bring!

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