Monday, August 13, 2007

Words: The Power of Words

“The words we say do matter and they resonate powerfully within our bodies.” (-Gormukh Kaur Khalsa, an internationally-renowned yoga teacher and author)

I have recently begun to understand on a much deeper level the effect our words have on us. Recently I have been studying the work of Masaru Emoto. Mr. Emoto used high-speed photography to discover that crystals formed in frozen water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. From what I understand, he simply labeled containers of water with various words, positive and negative, then quick-froze them and photographed the crystals that formed. The results are nothing less than truly amazing and life changing.

The crystals formed with words such as hope, love, gratitude, peace, harmony, are incredibly beautiful, jewel-like crystals. Those crystals formed with words such as "no good", "you fool", "do it", hate, fear, etc, are grotesque and almost nightmarish crystals.

Now translate that information to your body. You are around 70 percent water. Let me again repeat the quote for today: “The words we say do matter and they resonate powerfully within our bodies.” What do the water molecules in your body reflect?

Check out more of Mr. Emoto's work on his website.

Finally, you can learn more about his research through his books:
The Hidden Messages in Water
The Shape of Love

His work is also discussed in the movie What the Bleep

I always knew words were important. I listen to the negativity often used in the vernacular in our society and I know how much it affects me. Choose differently. Mr. Emoto's work will change who you are through the language you choose. It is powerful and wonderful!