Monday, May 21, 2007

People: Positive Residual

One of the suggestions in the People Module is to pay attention to the feeling your own presence leaves behind. What type of residual do you want lingering with the people with whom you interact? This comes from one of the participant’s experience with this idea: "This had the biggest affect on me. I really thought about what I leave behind and I had never focused on this before. It's great to go about your day thinking that you are going to do everything in your power to leave a positive residual."

We leave residuals with anyone and everyone we encounter whether or not words are shared. I play a game when I am in stores. I radiate love from my heart as I walk around. Though I am not always smiling, I know my face is reflecting the peace in my heart. I love the effect it has on others. Some people aren’t sure how to react. Most people reflect that love right back at me. Choose one area in your life in which you can leave a positive residual today and touch someone else’ heart.