Monday, September 25, 2006

Word Residue

Judith Lasater once said, “When we are fully present, we have space between action and reaction and can choose our response. We all leave residue with those with whom we interact. With space, we can choose the residue we want to leave.”

That quote has stuck with me ever since I heard her say it. Somehow, knowing that an interaction with me can affect people long after we are together – and can affect others in their life, makes me want to be more conscious than ever about what I say and do with others. I had been aware of this idea before Judith said it, but using the word “residue” made it more poignant for me somehow. I envision the residue as either a sticky, gluey feeling they can’t seem to wash away (negative interaction) or a lovely aromatherapy scent that feeds them gloriously for days (positive interaction). I so want my residue to feel glorious!

The process of creating glorious residue has two steps. The first is filling my life with more calm so I can have the space in my interactions. The second is making better choices in all the areas in my life that create more positive “stuff” in me. This step includes learning how to communicate more effectively too.