Sunday, June 11, 2006

Negative Eating

We had some great discussions on the teleclasses about eating. The piece I have been thinking about comes from a question that I asked on one of the calls. We had been discussing the effect of foods that are bad for our system. I was amazed at the range of effects. There was fogginess, nausea, cramping, gas, rashes, joint pain, and more. Yet, when asked if people still at least occasionally eat some of the foods that have those effects, everyone said, “yes”.

That led me to ask the obvious question. What keeps us coming back? Why do we do it? Initially responses were the taste, the craving, being tired so grabbing the first thing…

Then I remembered something Sofia Schatz mentioned in her book, “We eat what we are.” So that made me think that if we are eating what we are and we are eating the foods that are negative on our system, does that mean we are feeling negative? I know my reason for reaching for food that doesn’t feel good is a feeling of being out of control and unconscious. I want that food and the desire is like a runaway train inside of me. I also know that whenever I am like that, I have my scale tipped toward the negative. Now I know I am just feeding that negativity. The negativity in me just attracts more negativity.

I also know that I can “eat what I want to be” so I am working on using food to help me stay in a compassionate state. Along with the foods that aren’t good for my system, I have a list of foods that are good for my system. I make sure they are handy and I am consciously filling myself full of the “good stuff”.