Monday, June 26, 2006

Eating: Guilt

My last thought around eating is the guilt and defensiveness we have around eating the foods that are a source of negative energy for us. I heard it on all the teleclasses and I hear it in my own head as well. As I mentioned in the eNewsletter a couple of weeks ago, despite all of the horrible side effects we have eating foods we know aren’t good for our system, we often continue to eat them, if not regularly at least occasionally. Knowing what we are all learning this year, eating this way can lead to guilt.

Interestingly, I wonder if the guilt is more detrimental to accessing our compassion than the food itself? I believe this work is more about taking responsibility about our choices and being conscious about them, and definitely not making all the changes you can in a month. Therefore, when you choose to eat something, be conscious of the choice, enjoy it, and be aware of the consequences. The more you attribute your actions to how you feel, the easier it is to let things go, but slowly and over time. In the meantime, be compassionate with yourself and for goodness sake, no more guilt!