Monday, July 10, 2006

Self-Judgment: Fact or Fiction?

I think the most remarkable idea that came out of the teleclasses (and I believe this came up in each one) was the idea that our self-judgments aren’t even based in fact…

Our self-judgments are our own making and usually (or in the case of the examples shared on the calls, always) aren’t based in truth. One woman said she feels she is a “bad mother” and assumes her husband agrees and hears his comments (and even his thoughts) through that belief. Therefore she assumes the worst from what he says (or what she thinks he is thinking) only because she is already assuming the worst about herself. Interestingly, he doesn’t agree and she is beginning to “get” that it is only because she thinks it that she thinks he thinks it. Now that she is aware of the false belief and knows it emanates only from her, the hold the self-judgment has on her is beginning to weaken.

Think about your own judgments about yourself. Are they only yours? Do others agree? If you aren’t sure, ask someone you trust. Why do you believe as you do? What if you let it go? How would that feel?